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  1. Does anyone know of some good books that outline what has happened over the last decade or two with the Japanese economy. If anyone knows a lot about it, feel free to post your knowledge on the subject.
  2. Their system is much different the ours. Their culture is different and their policy on immigration is very strict. Their economy has always been built on exports and the citizens have always been big savers of the money they earn from the export oriented jobs.

    Japan is not a model to compare the US too.

  3. Studying their deflation is very realistic to the USA
  4. Remember, the Japanese are creating robotic sex dolls, they are not like American who rent out inflatable sex dolls
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    There is a major difference however, deflation in a nation of savers is not nearly so onerous as in a nation of borrowers and spenders.
  6. Exactly my point, expect similarities but more serve here.

  7. Yeah, they are a nation of owners lol.
  8. As the economic downturn gained speed and their bubble burst during the nineties the Japanese had a savingsrate of +16%.

    When they started to get out of their depression a decade later that savingsrate was slashed to below 5% or even lower.

    They were able to use their savings as a cushion.

    Today the American bubble has popped, the economic downturn is gaining speed but Americans have a savingsrate barely positive.

    What cushion do the Americans have to soften their blow?
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    Reserve currency status and a printing press.
  10. What cushion do the Americans have to soften their blow?

    Reserve currency status and a printing press.

    Bingo you hit the nail on the head, I think US will abuse their privalges to the point we lose the printing press capabilites.
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