Japanese vs Americans during a disaster.

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  1. Anyone notice the huge difference? People helping each other, no riots or looting or other types of crime. Even private business offering supplies to help others out. They showed one place where a business was giving away its food and water to help others.

    If this would have happened in the USA, you would see rioting and looting. Business actually doubling and tripling prices on stuff, Crime and local governments abandoning their positions (ie like the cops in new orleans) And of course people being dickheads by cutting lines and bitching and complaining.

    Huge difference between Americans and Japanese. How the heck did Americans become such uncivilized people?
  2. terr


    It's not Japanese vs. Americans. It's Japanese vs. all others.
  3. Crispy


    Your description is the polar opposite of what happened in NYC during and after 9/11. Being a NY`r my whole life..from the scum ridden hellhole of the 70`s to the glory days of the roaring 90`s it was the most proud ive felt to be one.

    Now LA after katrina is different story...different ..er ah..culture lets say.

    I think you are making negative assumptions and hopefully we will never find out whos wrong or right.
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    japanese in general are a very disciplined race.
    but yes i was very impressed with how much
    people reach out to aid each other in times like this.

    911, was a very personal attack on U.S. soil by
    a foreign element and that's when the "UNITED" states
    take a stand together.

    katrina... the other personality came out.
    one man's loss, is another man's gain.

    but all very unfortunate times.
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    mmmm - If New Orleans was 100% white would Federal Goverment taken sweet time to send in help. Ohh no Bush couldn't send in troops to help becuase he was not allowed unless Governor requested troops. The almighty POTUS powerless to help the people, no not people but blacks.

    What do the Japs do - troops sent in right away, no bickering.
  6. I heard Japanese manufacturers are cutting back or stopping production in order to save the energy for citizens and hospitals etc.

    Very noble.
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    if you don't have any empirical evidence to support your conclusion then your intentions are suspect. Are you trying to spread racist thinking?

    What is your intention? You think this will help humanity in any way? Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're part of the solution or part of the problem.

    Unless you want to change the framework and make this a cultural debate and that might be somewhat interesting.

    But I have a big problem with the implication that any 'race' of people is better than any other. Not only is it dumb, but it's destructive
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    You got morons running around the hood looking for respect/street cred/etc by dispecting others and by being more violent than the next guy. It's our culture - we are more selfish, self centered, and only respects self. This goes beyond ghettos. This exists in country clubs as well.

    And we have morons like Short posting asinine posts.
  9. It depends on what you mean by "better".

    Certainly, west african blacks excel beyond other races at running and jumping. It has to do with their unique anatomical structure and muscle mass.

    Certainly, Japanese people on average are far more intelligent than west african blacks. If you dispute this you are merely misinformed, the data is solid as a rock. Do a google search for global IQ scores.

    White people certainly fit into the picture too. In fact, Northern Europeans are quite similar to East Asians on a number of intellectual and personality metrics.

    The virus of white racial guilt however tends to prevent white people from having honest discussions about racial differences. The typical white mistakes the feel-good, counter-factual ideology he was spoon fed his entire life with what is true.

    Japanese people are far less restrained and much more aware.

  10. but Obama is East African not West African
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