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    It seems you are in Japan. Same here. If you don't mind, could you let me know how/what trading system you are using to trade JP stocks/options, etc? Thanks so much in advance.

  2. Hi,

    For JGB and Topix futures I use IB. For Nikkei futures I use Orix, Matsui and a few others. By trading system do you mean platform?
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    Learner, yes, I meant trading platform. Thanks--i've got a Matsui account also but am still testing it and haven't gotten up and running yet. How's it going with trading stocks here? is it easy to short sell here? i'm still new to trading over here. Thanks again.

  4. Matsui's platform was developed and is supplied to a number of brokers by Simplex. Orix, Joinvest and others I can't recall use it.
    The platform is basically the same for all, but the features differ somewhat from broker to broker. The platform is stable and doesn't lag. The main drawback is that its charting is very basic and cumbersome to use. But regarding charting, that can be said for all the charting available here with the exception of TradeSignal which is offered by Himawari. Charting is important for me so I use eSignal. But if you are not daytrading and yet require a good charting package, I would recommend eSignal On Demand. You get most of the features in eSignal's main package and delayed data for $30. But if you need ranking lists, you must use a Japanese broker. Not knowing what type of trading you do makes it hard to say what might fit your needs. But in any event you just have to try one after another until you find what you like.
    You may already know this but the main platforms available here in addition to those mentioned above are:

    1. Rakuten's Market Speed.
    2. SBI's Het.
    3. Kabu.com's Kabu Machine
    4. Okasan's ???
    5.IDO's IDO Trader

    There is no problem with short selling here . Most of the brokers encourage you to open the required margin account.

    Hope this helps.
  5. This is probably stupid question but I am going to ask it anyway:
    Can you daytrade japanese stocks by using IB platform?
    Is anybody doing this?
    Please share your experience..
    I live on the west coast and would like to give it a try, but don't know where to start..
    Many thanks
  6. Hi,

    Yes, IB offers Japanese stocks and futures on TSE and OSE.
    No problem.

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    2. should have been SBI's Hyper SBI. They changed the name.
    And 4. is Okasan's Okasan NetTrader
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    Just curious..are there any prop firms here in Tokyo? I'm looking to find some to increase leverage, reduce commissions, etc.. Also, if there are any English language platforms you know of or can recommend for trading JP stocks/options/etc, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks so much.
  9. That's a good link. "Japan Company Handbook" is also a good resource for English speakers that want to get a one-page summary on a listed Japanese company.
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