Japanese positions being called in. China to make claim over Senkaku Islands now?

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  1. Japan in choppy waters financially.

    Russia, who was bullied by Japan about a hundred years ago, aggressively flew over Japan's northern territories recently.

    China is sending more ships to the disputed Senkaku Islands (claimed by Japan) to Japan's south.

    Of course, North Korea is also in the same neighborhood. And Pakistan - India is nuclear.

    Here's the issue - one big problem in Asia might encourage all the other problems to get started under the cover of the first problem.

  2. Problems are everywhere, sometimes they domino usually they stay in limbo and the problems start to pile up. Nothing happens, it just develops. Only one person makes the first move.

    Alliances are not what they seem. countries tend not want to get involved unless a first move is made. Japan may look the america which would be ironic and leave them once again surrounded by anger.

    The dots do connect well, Iran got away with bartering, I am still amazed at that, I thought historically that was not allowed anymore?
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    You really should study history before making uninformed comments like that. It was a fight over what today is China, no one "bullied" anyone.
    Also, Russia is occupying the "South Kuril Islands" now as it has no legal claims for the islands.

    Russia has/had border disputes with most of its neighbors - Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia to name a few. The aggressive border violations by air are a common thing for most as well.