Japanese markets Halts trading!

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  1. There seems tobe a meltdown in the japanese markets, and the futures are way down. What do you think will happen tommorow?
  2. March SGXNK futures implying a 15,320 cash value.
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    They halted stock trading because they reached capacity constraints. OSE also had severe delays in processing orders a few times during the day. The SGX N225 coped well so if in doubt, look towards the future on that exchange for pricing.
  4. Bullshit; have you ever experienced this when the markets go up?
  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

    Your emotions are screaming, BUY, BUY, BUY, BUY!!

    You sound like one of the Japanese floor traders puking their lungs out.
  6. Exactly

    The japanese never mean what they say and they never say what they mean.
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    Untrue, as much as I hate to defend the exchange, they have a limit of 4.5 million transactions and about 8 million order changes. They announced well in advance that they would have to halt trading if they reached the transaction mark. They also gave a 10 minute warning before doing so and this was during a point when the market had already bounced off the lows. Orders were taking several minutes to complete. The exchange was overwhelmed.
  8. Yes, but why this never happens when there's an upside move with huge volume.
    Was today the highest TSE volume day ever?
  9. better have another glass of saki cause it's going to be a LONG day
  10. buzzy2,

    They will always find some explanation to mask the real reason! Don't listen to it! It's obvious what happened in Tokyo!
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