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  1. Looks like the Chinese, bless their pointy little heads have some competition in the self dealing , crooked as the Yang Tse river dept.

    Check out the scams at Olympus camera.
  2. my question is, was it a chinaman that rated my thread 1 star or something else
  3. The first thing I do if I look at a stock is to check whether it is chinese stock. I do not know why they trade them on US market.
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    Yea, fuck them slanty eyed bastards. And fuck them hairy smelly whities on wall street with their bailouts and dumb rednecks on main street crying about unemployment. You know what fuck them blackies in nigeria who want us to pay to transfer their money around. And most of all fuck them spaniards for robbing the native americans of their gold. Fuck em.
  5. you're catching on.
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    Maybe you should complain to Baron - again.