Japanese Candlesticks

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Opinion on Japanese Candlesticks

  1. I like'em

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  2. I don't

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  3. I don't know them

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  1. I would like to know your opinion on Japanese Candlesticks.
  2. BSAM


    They work---sometimes.
  3. the best answer on elite ever haha
  4. Do you forex or stocks?
  5. I trade stox. Have you found a diff in the use of Candlesticks depending of the market in question?
  6. In Forex, you can rip off half of the candlestick theory.
    In forex there are practically no gaps cuz it is supposed to be a continuous market which means that they only close shop for the week end.
    Half of any candlestick book talks about gaps!
    Candlestick is good for stock traders.

  7. jnhighland: .They always work in the illustrations in the books. :Al
  8. Very true.
    There is gold and there is fool's gold.
    For the dick*ds they all look the same.
  9. Are you asking if candlesticks are a trading system? Or if they are just another helpful tool?

    I think they are pretty helpful, at a glance I can see if its trending up or down, I can see breakouts, also can see indecision.

    I don't trade them alone, they are just a faster reference for me than barcharts.
  10. True but then you just change the timeframe in which you are looking so that you have a OHLC format :. weekly candles as opposed to daily - because the market breaks for the weekend. This way, you will get the gapping...
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