Japanese bull market over

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  1. Let the bear begin.
  2. dont


    Interesting all I heard last year was buy Japan we are so bullish on Japan. And now silence.

    I suppose I should shut up and get rich:D
  3. Lorenzo


    17,000 next step... or next high for sure

    That's my take

    We've had only a profit taking on NO NEWS

  4. Do you read? There is fraud at Live Door and there was so much selling that the exchange had to close down.
  5. what's this with Live Door? I mean, according to the news, they conceal 1 bil in yen (87 mil USD) and they bought down the whole JPN market. If this is a US company, probably wouldn't make it to the news.
  6. fake selling..

    next stop 20k $$$
  7. Wow, amazing call!
  8. Lorenzo


    In fact, this is a NO NEWS...Is it reasonable waiting for a waterfall decline on this news?

    My take is NO....only profit taking in two panic days..no short positions have been built, imo

    The Up trend will resume itself

  9. I liked the nikkei at 16K. I like it even more at 15300. I suspect I will like it even more at 14000 and change.

    Good Strong bull run since 12K with the last run up above 16K on lower volume signified upcoming correction. Big deal. USD JPY strengthened from 124 to 113.7 same time - retracement = buying opportunity. I just am not sure where I want to buy some more. Think it drifts lower before going higher. At 14K I buy, but not sure we see that.

    I don't think the fraud issue is significant. Profit taking OTOH is what is probably driving the large sell orders.
  10. serg007


    I think EWJ is a buy in 13,20-13,00 range. Should at least retest 14,30 high in next 5-7 weeks
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