Japan to halt humpback hunt

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  1. Giving in to U.S. pressure and worldwide criticism, Japan's government on Friday announced a whaling fleet now in the Southern Ocean for its annual hunt will not kill Humpback whales as originally planned. The fleet will, however, kill some 935 minke whales, a smaller, more plentiful species, and 50 fin whales. But he added that Washington and Tokyo still have "opposite views on research whaling." Tokyo has staunchly defended its annual kill of more than 1,000 whales as crucial for research purposes. Japan's whaling fleet is run by a government-backed research institute and operates under an IWC clause that allow the killing of whales for scientific purposes. Japan said it would halt the humpback hunt pending further IWC discussion. "But there will be no changes to our stance on our research whaling itself," Machimura said. "We have made the decision for the benefit of the IWC as a whole."

    Hmm - Japan thinks "research killing" of 1000 whales annually, benefits the IWC. Thanks, Japan! Just how much value does whale meat in dogfood cans add???
  2. The small backdown over humpbacks has a lot to do with the much more robust approach taken by the new Labor government in Australia. Japanese whaling is very unpopular in Aus (and rightly so) and there is a clear mandate for the new govt to do something about it. Australia is sending a surveillance ship and aircraft to monitor the Japanese fleet


    As I see it the US is getting involved because it is concerned about relations between Aus and Japan souring, which is very possible given the strength of feeling about this in Aus.
  3. We should be happy that at least there is something out there they can still hunt and dominate.

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  4. How can it be, that they have been conducting this "research" for so long, yet not a single well known paper has been produced, nothing new at all?

    "They taste great".....
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    How's our trading affected by the whales? :confused:
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    damn, where am I going to get my whale oil.
    I guess I have to look into this new fangled invention called the lightbulb.
  7. I guess now I have to get a whole new trading computer, since the damn thing won't have a power source anymore. Shit fire.
  8. Lookout, the Yakuza will tear you a new one for even mentioning this.
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