japan ripping crazy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. silk


    they just made back their entire post election dump the last 2 days. Right back to 9000.
  2. Chart?
  3. lol NKD Z2
  4. try NKD for the futures (dec 12 contract Z2)
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  6. Newex


    I though Japan was facing bankruptcy


    I dont expect Japan to declare bankrupt but i expect Nikkei to fall .

    The graph implies high volatility and i am not sure if the trend is donward or upward (i vote downward).

    Wouldnt trade this index unless you love risk .
  7. Two questions:

    1) what is the difference between NIY and NKD? That chart posted looks like NIY.

    2) Is there an ETF that trades on the US markets for the Nikkei?
  8. EWJ
  9. Currency driven. Race to the bottom.
  10. EWJ looks much more tradeable. Much more volume.
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