Japan retail firms

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by revolution, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. anyone here trades the Japanese stock market?
    with which retail brokers?
  2. I use Orix, Matsui, Himawari and IB.
  3. i never traded the japanese market, so there is only TSE to execute? no other cheaper destinations?
  4. There is TSE for stocks, and OSE (Osaka) for Nikkei futures.
  5. i meant for stocks, is TSE the only destination for execution ? any ECNs or any ways to daytrade stocks other than executing through a retail broker?
  6. what are some good/cheap online brokers for Japan (TSE/JASDAQ) that are open for foreign residents? besides IB.

  7. You can't open an account with a local Japanese broker if you don't have an address in Japan. However, a Japanese broker, Monex, bought Tradestation, and so at some time in the future foreign residents should have access to the Japanese market through them.

    Boom Securities in H.K., Phillip in Singapore and eTrade in the U.S offer Japanese stocks, but they're not cheap.

    Why not IB? They are exchange members here and their data is rock solid.
  8. did you open your IB account in Japan or overseas?

  9. You can open an account with them wherever you are.