Japan quake-tsunami death toll likely over 10,000

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    TAGAJO, Japan — The death toll in Japan's earthquake and tsunami will likely exceed 10,000 in one state alone, an official said Sunday, as millions of survivors were left without drinking water, electricity and proper food along the pulverized northeastern coast.

    Although the government doubled the number of soldiers deployed in the aid effort to 100,000, it seemed overwhelmed by what's turning out to be a triple disaster. Friday's quake and tsunami damaged two nuclear reactors at a power plant on the coast, and at least one of them appeared to be going through a partial meltdown, raising fears of a radiation leak.

    The police chief of Miyagi prefecture, or state, told a gathering of disaster relief officials that his estimate for deaths was more than 10,000, police spokesman Go Sugawara told The Associated Press. Miyagi has a population of 2.3 million and is one of the three prefectures hardest hit in Friday's disaster. Only 379 people have officially been confirmed as dead in Miyagi.

    The nuclear crisis posed fresh concerns for those who survived the horrors of Friday's earthquake and tsunami, which hit with breathtaking force and speed, breaking or sweeping away everything in its path.

  2. World big cities are highly fortunate/lucky that no magnitude 9 Earthquake had its epicenter direct or close to big city. But for how long? Big cities are responsible for many world sins

    I think Japan Earthquake is final warning. It could have easily hit tokyo.

    10,000 deaths from magnitude 9 Earthquake is nothing. If this magnitude 9 Earthquake had directly strike Tokyo then I am sorry to say nobody would have survived. I think Tokyo has 20 million people.
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    20M? Then you think wrong...

    And you can drop the religious propaganda. Japan is on a fault zone, earthquakes are expected there. It has nothing to do with any religion.

  4. World big cities are at fault zones (man-made faults/sins).
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  6. News yesterday was reporting "88,000 missing".
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    This is truly horrific. My heart goes out to the entire country.
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