Japan June retail sales slump more than expected

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  1. TOKYO (MarketWatch) -- Japan's retail sales fell 3.0% in June from the same month a year earlier, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Wednesday, falling for a 10th straight month. The drop was deeper than the median market forecast for a 2.5% decline, according to Reuters. Sales in the April-June quarter were down 2.9% on year, showing that consumer demand remains weak in the world's second-largest economy, as Japan struggles to pull itself out of recession

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    The government needs to consider stock buying as part of retail sales, it would solve this problem pretty quick
  3. You made me smile ... thanks.
  4. It sure as hell worked here. i bet the gov't bought 100's of billions of stocks and futures the past 5 months. i can't wait to watch this pig crash to hell
  5. Its amazing after last year the rush to buy corporate bonds. The system crashs because of bad debt and the credit markets have just issued nearly two trillion in corporate paper. Moral hazard knows no limits.