Japan- is its economy doing good?

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  1. Today EJW and also Japan stock market seems to have a strong upword break-out so just curious to know some opinions about how Japan economy is doing and in which direction it is heading.

  2. a typo- please read EWJ instead of EJW--- sorry.
  3. This post about Japan Stock market (EWJ) turned to be with nice timing-- From sideways during preceding few months, EWJ went up over 50% over the next few months.
  4. Here is the chart since August 2005.
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  5. Read up Soros view of the Japanese Carry Trade.


    Although he says it doesnt affect the Japanese Markets, I'm assuming that their are traders large and small borrowing for zero interest rates and trading on the Tokyo Exchange. I'd watch out once they start raising interest rates.

    But you sound short-term so I imagine its a good trade for 4-6 mths.

    http://www.boursorama.com/forum/message.phtml?symbole=immobilier&id_message=348326798 This view explains further a wider theory about the recent global collapse in liquidity.
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  6. Excellent article!