Japan holds almost as much T-Bonds as China, yet they are not whinning?

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  1. China, Mainland $797.1B
    Japan $731.0B

    Maybe chinese just wants to bash the US for (internal) political reasons?

    To pretend and boast that they are growing (they are not) while the rest of the world is shrinking?
  2. Do you mean WHINING or WINNING?
  3. OP makes a good point. China has more to hide than it seems.
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    USA has military bases in Japan.

    There are no USA military bases in China, so they can be more vocal.
  5. When a country drops 2 atomic bombs on you...you kind of learn to keep your mouth shut against them and not talk back.
  6. Well some in the U.S. blame China for problems our own central bank created, they don't blame Japan (though they did 20 years ago).

    Lets say you were Chinese. You work like hell, earn a bunch of dollars, but then find that the U.S. is printing them like crazy and devaluing what you earned. They pay you back for loans in devalued currency and you get robbed. - - The devalued dollar raises prices in terms of your money and threatens your exports, so you say 'screw that' and peg your currency to the buck in order to at least slow the theft and protect your competitiveness. But then you get blamed for 'unfair currency manipulation' ! How about the unfair currency manipulation of the Fed ?

    If the Chinese created a 100% gold backed on demand yuan, they would dominate the world overnight and could tell all the other 'elites' to go screw themselves.
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  8. Japan has much MUCH more experience dealing with other developed nations. For all the wonderful history, "developed China" is a new kid on the block and still has much to learn.
  9. ...they would instantly kill their own economy.
  10. Japan has our bases for protection not fear much smaller nation than China. If they wanted us to leave they would let us know that is not the case. They are dependent on imports. I am sure US would assist them with anything they needed unlike thier counter party that holds our debt.
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