Japan has started the fireworks !!!

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    Haha, Japan has figured it out and I bet Euro countries will do the same now. They are going to play the Bush administration at their own game. Namely call a TERROR ALERT then dump their currency at the same time. I wonder how The Bush team will react to this. Probably American markets will drop bigtime if other countries jump on the bandwagon.:D :D :D
  2. Interesting development.

    1) Japan issues a terror alert.
    2) Traders seek $$ and oversold dollar rallies.
    3) Yen pukes against $, Euro follows suit.

    Supersavvy ET readers note terror effect on Japan psychology and
    infrastructure and order Toshiba's numero uno product line. High tech products made in Japan sell quickly, for fear of delayed production due to terror damage. Japan further outsources to China. Chinese next on the hit list, and Islamic terrorists bomb Chinese oil pipelines.

    Brisk gray market emerges for Toshiba' numero uno products.

    China, Russia, US, Japan, hold a world security summit.
  3. LOL :p
  4. If Mothra and Gamorra get the upperhand on Godzilla we are all lost...

    Oh, the humanity! :p
  5. Can we just nuke the whole middle east and get rid
    of 80% of the worlds problems already? :D

    Sheeeshhh.... at least the nuclear fallout will eventually fade out
    after a few hundred years :p


  6. chances are melting icecaps will submerge the arab peninsula a bit past our lifetimes fwiw
  7. Hmmmmmm.... maybe a better solution would be to....cough cough....
    ACCIDENTLY have a nuke launch and hit the polar icecaps....
    thereby causing the flood a little earlier? :D



  8. well there goes one potential norad career lol
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    How true.
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