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  1. Anyone reading ET in Japan (Tokyo) wanna do a meeting???

    I'm sure there are a few and I need to speak English once in a while and share info / fun like Chicago Meetings....

    Also, I'm looking for guys who plays poker... can't seem to find them around here..
  2. Any takers?

    Still looking for poker players.
  3. I lived in Japan for many years dude. Used to work for Nomura.
    Have you had enough of Japanese dicrimination against whitey yet?
    Are the looney Japanese right wingers blaming all ills on "gaijin" still?
  4. mate thats not v.friendly is it? been here 3 years this time round, ppl couldn't be nicer...

    sorry TS, i know TONS of traders already, plus my wife hates seeing me posting on ET in the evenings... chotto muri, gomen ne...
  5. Don't worry about it...

    Just don't like the Roppongi Gaijin crowd... They're a bit obnoxious and disrespectful to the local Japanese...

    What's the deal with all the Americans??? They're all messed up!!!
  6. dunno... their educational system's pretty poor, content-wise... gets better at uni-level but doesn't foster much open-mindedness either... value system is me me me, cause its simple enough to pass along with genes, and from a simplistic 1-shot game theory standpoint it seems sufficient... what can u do?

    anyway, we're not here to bitch about americans are we :D

    have a good day
  7. Rapid development favors a fluid labor force, fluid labor force favors high mobility, high mobility favors diminished family, social and land ties, which leads to fragmented connection to authority and the wisdom that comes from elders in the family and community. All this leads to favoring innovation and newness over respect and hierarchy. The ideals you need to reach the American Dream are the opposite of the Chinese concept of guanxi.

    Take that, tied in with consumerism as a cultural ideal foisted onto the country at large, which is easy deployed by TVs in every home, and you have selfish egoism with low respect for authority, elders, norms, history, culture, and anything besides social advancement and earning $. You also have an efficient, advanced workforce with high productivity.
  8. The Japanese are always nice to your face.

    Try changing a 1000 yen note a few times in different locations.
    Try going to a "public" bath house.
    Try going to the "country" like Niigata ken for skiing
    Try working in any area other than teaching English
    Try discussing Japanese atrocities like Unit 731 and mass slaughters in Korea
    Try asking why they don't pay any attention to international conventions
    Try asking a businessman what "enjo kosai" is

    Dig deeper
  9. The amazing thing some people discover when they go to other countries is that American culture isn't really world culture, and that sometimes you need to adapt and understand, so as not to offend. That is, unless you are fine with being treated like an interesting but annoying animal.
  10. I'm not American
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