Japan Cuts Welfare To Root Out Comfortably Poor

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    We should be doing this instead of increasing benefits.

    Welfare benefits will be slashed by ¥74 billion over a three-year period starting from fiscal 2013, after a government panel found that some people are making more on the dole than the average low-income person who is not spends on living costs, it was learned Sunday.

    The decision to lower standard benefit payments by 6.5 percent was made by welfare minister Norihisa Tamura and Finance Minister Taro Aso. The reduction will hit in August.

    Since the standard benefit payment provides the basis for determining other levels of public assistance, such as subsidies for school expenses, reducing it may also affect low-income earners even if they are not on welfare.

    Tamura said after the meeting that he will implement the measures so the decision does not adversely affect such earners.

    The actual amount doled out per household will be slashed by a maximum of 10 percent from the current level, which is based on age, number of family members and area of residence.

    Welfare recipients hit a record high of 2.14 million in October 2012 and the state budget for benefits, including medical assistance, stood at around ¥2.8 trillion for fiscal 2012 ending in March.

  2. "Comfortably poor", and "comfortably unemployed"... problems USA has too.
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    Obama does have a job for them. Once every two years they need to go to the polls and vote for all the Democraps.
  4. Blame our congressmen and women, dems and reps for setting up a system that discourages low wage workers from working. How come Welfare isn't phased out? Is it crazy to have the system set up that when someone gets a job the net effect is they are poorer and in worse shape than if they were collecting welfare. Get a job and cut a portion of the welfare so as not to discourage the unemployed from looking for a job, the same with unemployment benefits. This is so simple and so common sense that neither party would be for this.
  5. Yeah, no shit. Too bad my Grandpa isn't running this country.

    He believed, "If you expect to eat, you better expect to work."
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    I agree, but liberalism does not.
  7. I doubt it's even a "belief" of the Libtards... more of an "expedient means to an end"... an easy-sell road to political power.

    I can remember my Grandpa telling me... "The world doesn't owe you a living... make something of yourself"....

    He raised 8 kids working for the railroad. He was not only high on the "common sense" meter... he also had a great sense of humor.... (the seed of my smart-assedness, I'm sure.)
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    Why can't the republican mind solve the poverty in their own backyard?

    Answer: 'cause the rich who control the republican mind can't profit off it
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    Why can't you get your facts straight?

    Answer: The truth is unbearable.

  10. My Grandma told me during the great depression men and sometimes families traveling used to stop by asking for a bite to eat and maybe a place to spend the night. Grandma's family was dirt poor in Arkansas but they did own a farm and raised animals and grew some food. She said they would feed people when they could. Sometimes the travelers would work around the farm and sometimes just eat a bowl of soup and hit the road. Guess Scat comes from different stock than what I did.
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