japan brokers - short sale?

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  1. i wanna short some japanese stocks. Interactive brokers doesnt offer ANY stocks for shorts. which brokers do you use ?
  2. You have to be a resident to open an account with a local broker.
  3. nonresidents cant short?
  4. Nonresidents can't open any (even cash) kind of stock trading account. The only account a nonresident can open here is one to trade commodities.
  5. but my IB account opened elsewhere can go long japanese stocks
  6. That's true, but I understood you to mean that you were looking for a Japanese broker as IB doesn't offer shorting for Japanese stocks.
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    FWIW, shorting for non-Japanese residents is something that we are working on and hopefully will be able to offer in the near future.
  8. maybe this solution is too simple but have you thought of shorting ADR's of JPY companies like TM, SNE?
  9. Until such a time that you're able to short using IB, you could use inverse ETFs for either Nikkei or Topix if that interests you.
  10. as i said, i am looking to short some stocks, not indices.
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