Janus Overseas Fund manager has screwed big time in 2011

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by hajimow, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Brent Lynn as the top fund manager for a 5 star mutual fund has screwed big time in 2011. His fund JAOSX is down over 25% this year. He has access to lots of cash and info. This shows that big account and accesss to all tools and info are not the only keys to sucess. I believe his ego has failed him.

    He was called the star manager of 2010

    And his fund is down over 25% YTD


    Remember this is not a leveraged fund.
  2. probably big in banks
  3. It's just a dent. It'll buff out.:p
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    The fact that financial were up on 9/29 and JAOSX was up only about 0.5%, says something else. Although in top 10, it shows it holds two banks including BAC.
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    It is a big dent. I have some in my 401K that I am trying to get out if it gets flat YTD but my point was that even stars screw up.
  6. Funny...when I saw the thread caption, I thought there would be sex story here ("has screwed big time").
    Maybe that was his downfall...
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    mutual funds are marketing machine only. If they can out performance index consistently, they are in hedge fund already.

  8. True.
    Also, the clients do not demand better performance. they are happy when dighton, madoff, niederhoffer, etc. lose everything.

    if clients would want positive performance, they'll be putting money only in fully automated, diversified, risk-averse programs which do not charge markups or upfront fees.

    the same with casinos in Las Vegas. gamblers do not want to win, they just want to be stripped off excess money in a funny way.