January Will Be Bullish

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  1. December isn't too important. If January closes up for the month and during the first week, it is significant. Seasonality isn't foolproof (nothing is), but a strong start and finish for January is one of the better yearly indicators. We'll see.

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  2. whatthe


    He probably doesn't own anything. Probably trying to figure out he's gonna pay off those community college loans.
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  3. ??? And this is coming from you? the papertrader extraordinaire who has been long and wrong throughout 2008 (at least)?
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  4. My point is that very few people have the guts to actually short the market long term even if they are very bearish about the economy and stock market.
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  5. So you're NOT putting your money where your mouth is right now, you put your money where your mouth USED to be and that was long and WRONG

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  6. You know NOTHING about how money works do you. Quit talking out of the side of your ass when things have already happened. You don't sound any smarter than the clown at the circus with a condom up his ass.
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  7. So you think the US is fundamentally strong?? I'm not asking about whether the market will be up in Jan, I'm asking about the US fundamentals.

    PS I've never been to the gay circus like you described below but if thats your thing, I won't judge

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  8. Yep we get a 3 day rally on the lightest volume in the last 11 months and bye George we are finished with this bear market.

    Maybe we are but the clear lack of conviction is suspect, that’s all I’m saying. Bull Bear I don’t care.
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  10. Correction the lightest volume in the last 8 months, it was April the last time volume was this light.
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