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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hitman, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. "I simply respect Hitman for his record to date"

    Well then you're gonna want me to marry your sister. :)
    #51     Jan 9, 2002
  2. I don't have a sister... and if I did, I would first have to meet you to assess whether you are the correct material. Moreover, I would want you to stick to ONE name, if you were to marry my hypothetical sister.
    #52     Jan 9, 2002
  3. My last post as ProTrader!.

    ProTrader1 is leaving this board, forever.

    Bye all.


    PS candle, i think you are OK. :)
    #53     Jan 9, 2002
  4. OK guys, let's get into detective mode and try and decide TradeRX's next incarnation!
    #54     Jan 9, 2002
  5. oolarinm


    Candle ,

    Are you a system trader of discretionary ?


    I agree with candle , as if your emotions are right , even if you are bottom picking you will still make a good income .

    I say this because Tony Oz uses the BB and i think its Paul Tudor Jones that trades reversal points. Though one may assume that Hitman is a bit rash to others , i still don't think this is the time to bash him. What goes around comes around
    #55     Jan 9, 2002
  6. Discretionary.

    Yes, its trading psychology that counts.
    #56     Jan 9, 2002
  7. >and as a practicing atheist, you can not know the meaning of what it is to have faith....

    FAITH: Belief in something despite evidence to the contrary. HA!
    #57     Jan 9, 2002
  8. You seriously need to go to Church.
    #58     Jan 9, 2002
  9. The most profound thing i have ever read on this board!

    I have a "church", the Church of REASON. i dont pay homage to fantasies of the mind.
    #59     Jan 9, 2002
  10. I wrote that! (the re: part)... are you complimenting me? If so, thank you.
    #60     Jan 9, 2002