January 3, 2008

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hughb, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. hughb


    Two important events happening that day.

    1. Iowa caucuses, and

    2. The date that Ron Paul supporters learn that no matter how much they spam blogs and vote in YouTube polls, he ain't gonna win the election.

    As a service to Ron Paul supporters I will numerically classify all the excuses you can use on January 4th for why he didn't win. So when you start your threads, you will not need to type any text, just type the corresponding number in order to save on bandwidth.

    1. The Diebold machine ate my vote. Since we all know that Diebold machines are part of the NWO, they are going to delete all of Ron Paul's votes. so for this excuse, simply type "1".

    2. Ron Paul voters were blocked from getting to the polls. The Mossad, in conjunction with the NWO, arranged traffic accidents that kept Ron Paul voters away, but still allowed all other voters through. Not hard to believe considering how they blew up two skyscrapers and convinced all of us sheeple that it was done with hijacked planes.

    3. Ron Paul voters were kidnapped. So when you use this excuse, you will of course type a "3", but instead of cuttin' n' pastin' the rense.com article that proves they were all kidnapped, please, just post the link. Us sheeple promise to click and go read it.

    There ya go, Ron Paul supporters! Just trying to help out.