January 2nd, Market Up or Down?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Tracy McGreedy, Dec 31, 2007.

Up or Down?

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  1. UP or DOWN? Place ur bets.
  2. 1385 run in the first qtr of 2008..not sure if it will start on the 2nd or not. :D Market will try and force the Fed to cut .50 right away this year imo..will see.
  3. nkhoi

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    up at open then down for rest of day.:p
  4. Don't know and should not matter :D

  5. Yes, it will be UP or DOWN. Unless it is SIDEWAYS.

    Who cares? ???????? This is a mostly random event. Now, if some people can pick 90 out of a 100, then it might have some interest...

    Why do threads like this matter? For crying out loud, why not post a thread on "will the coin flip be HEADS or TAILS ??"
  6. not everyone microscalps seconds like you. that's why it matters, and the first trading day of year relative to prev year and prev month performance is NOT random.

  7. doublea


    If it does not close below 73 in the 1st hour, buy after 12est, at 4 points from the low, with a 5 point stop...exit at close.
  8. Market Psycho is often optimistic at beginning of the year... new year, new hope, sideline institutional money just waiting until year-end is past, take-a-shot, whatever...

    IF it's going to be that way this year, watch for signs of "strong trend-up"... press and chase upside, very shallow dips, etc... if it looks like that's the deal, go with the flow.
  9. I'm think the same thing and might enter a YM mini-dow future position in the direction of the trend.
  10. Who cares, trade what happens.

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