january 2011

Discussion in 'Trading' started by brokenmarkets, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Today's island and gap up.. technically bullish..in daily engulfing bullish ...

    market manipulated by goldman sachs and partners overnight in the ES for the index.

    stocks follow the ES futures...the market manipulation is so obvious it's almost embarrassing...

    these guys can only manipulate the ES futures market overnight as their is no volume. causing stocks to gap up. etc... all day the stocks were selling and distributing.

    anotther reason pros don't take overnight posittions even with when hedged it's manipulated.

    the market makers (goldman sachs). control the market and who rigg this con game.
  2. the trend is UP, get on board! manipulate to the upside GS, keep it coming
  3. it's no coincidene all stocks ALSO gapped after futures gapped up.

    it just proves market manipulation and thin volume. today should have seen selling on profit taking but NO it gaps up. these guys were pushing the eS futures in afterhours when everybody as a sleep.

  4. 1) ?.....you're bearish? :confused:
    2) Bear markets are "supposed" to open higher before going lower. :eek: :D