janet yellen arguing for more fed easing, HAHAHAHAH

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    This is how fucking pathetic this has become, tell me when do we stop easing, this is the ONLY thing left for this economy, as I have said many times over its the only thing thats helping a worthless economy stay afloat, why do you think she is begging again for more easy monetary conditions. All we keep reading about is the number of significant downside risks in the economic outlook, she actually thinks easing more and and throwing more QE at the market will do the job, why doesnt any get a fucking clue, it doesnt work and will NOT work no matter how many times you continue to do the same thing. There has been zero growth in this economy, its all based off of QE and the tens of trillions of dollars they have pushed through the system in the last few years, and they think they will be able to continue that...anyone agreeing with Yellen for more fed easing is a fool.

    Yellen Argues for More Fed Easing, Cites Europe Risk
    Reuters | June 06, 2012 | 08:50 PM EDT

    Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen on Wednesday laid out the case for the U.S. central bank to ease monetary conditions further to shield a fragile economy as financial turmoil in Europe mounts.

    Yellen's views carry great weight with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and her comments suggest the Fed may be close to taking more easing steps this month in response to ongoing housing problems, a weak jobs market and the escalating euro zone crisis.

    "There are a number of significant downside risks to the economic outlook, and hence it may well be appropriate to insure against adverse shocks that could push the economy into territory where a self-reinforcing downward spiral of economic weakness would be difficult to arrest," she said in a speech prepared for delivery at an event organized by the Boston Federal Reserve Bank.

    Bernanke, himself, is due to speak on the economic outlook in testimony to Congress on Thursday, and his comments will show how closely his views align with Yellen's.

    The Fed will weigh the impact of recent labor market developments and financial strains on its economic forecasts at its next policy meeting, on June 19-20. If policymakers decide the recovery is at risk of losing momentum, they could either push back the date of the expected first interest rate hike or they could buy more bonds, Yellen said.

    Asset purchases could take the form of an outright balance sheet expansion or an extension of the program exchanging shorter-term securities for longer-term ones, Yellen said.

    While both communications tools and changes to the balance sheet have limitations, risk management considerations make a strong case for additional monetary accommodation, Yellen said.

    The Fed cut benchmark rates to near zero in December 2008 and has bought $2.3 trillion in long-term securities to pull the economy out of recession. To gird a flagging recovery, the Fed rebalanced its portfolio with longer-term bonds to press down longer-term interest rates and pledged conditionally to hold rates exceptionally low until late 2014.

    Policymakers had seemed on track to take no further action, as economic data had been indicating that the recovery was gaining momentum. But in recent days rising financial stress in Europe and surprisingly weak labor market data for May have raised speculation the Fed would need to mull further easing.

    In making a case for monetary policy insurance for the U.S. recovery, Yellen cited risks that the European sovereign debt crisis could spin out of control.

    "The deterioration of financial conditions in Europe of late, coupled with notable declines in global equity markets, also serve as a reminder that highly destabilizing outcomes cannot be ruled out," she said.
  2. "Yet another round of QE" is the easy thing to do. Facing up to the reality of our situation and "taking our medicine" is not.
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    A little more witty headline would've been "Janet Yellen' for more Easin'"

    Nowadays, Helicopter Ben seems like a moderate among his Fed comrades.
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    Every time the market takes a small drop the only thing they can think of is more easing...its getting old, they pumped in tens of trillions of dollars in this market to sustain any continuous downfall a few years ago, now the market and economy have become to dependent on these handouts that anytime the market or economy looks weak the only thing they announce is the call for more stimulus. Thats NOT how an economy works. There is nothing left for this economy to grow, every time it has grown over the last 20-30 years its been through the creation of asset bubbles, aside from that there is nothing to sustain continuous growth in this economy at this point in time.
  5. Janet Yellen was an Obama appointee, She is a well known Obama lover in private.
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    I forgot its an election year and that means stocks have to go up, so yea yellen will try anything to get stocks higher by November.
  7. What can they do but talk up the market and economy. It's all a game of anticipation.
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    jannet yellen is yellin? :p
  9. USA: QE until the wheels fall off the wagon.
  10. Maybe she can ask Draghi or Berlusconi for some pointers.
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