jan/mar beans

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  1. is it getting close to a low
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    First notice is Thursday for jan.
  3. im just a newbie with grains esp grain spreads so a retail account cant open a new position after first notice?

    really hard getting info on spreads ie to really understand the mechanics ive read courtney smith,abell,momson with the last the best and simplistic but most sites just say buy on this date sell on this date bit like on a maths exam writing the correct figure without showing your workings ive been fiddling with scarr for a while and it has really opened my eyes eg hog spreads seem very seasonal it seems to pay to put on back month flatteners in the first half of the year and steepeners the 2nd half....but why?appreciate any comments
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    Haven't heard of Momson - please provide a link or some more information so I can check it out..

  5. superstar seasonals-john l momson
    he doesnt talk spreads just seasonal outrights gives more of a game plan