Jan-Jul 2010 was the warmest average land surface temperature ever recorded

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Is this climate change or just weather pattern?

  1. climate change is real

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  2. just weather, you'll see

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  1. Do you really care where they're going to put the mosque or what are the latest tea party rants? ... How about paying some attention to something that affects your pocket book every day in terms of food and energy costs ... How do you like them weather? January to July, 2010, has seen the warmest world wide average land surface temperature ever recorded. Is this just weather or is this climate change we are talking about?

    "ScienceDaily (Aug. 17, 2010) — The combined global land and ocean surface temperature made this July the second warmest on record, behind 1998, and the warmest averaged January-July on record. The global average land surface temperature for July and January-July was warmest on record. The global ocean surface temperature for July was the fifth warmest, and for January-July 2010 was the second warmest on record, behind 1998."

  2. Wow..."Ever recorded" So thats like what...100 years?

    I dont know about you guys, but here in N. CA its been a nice cool summer. Its actually felt more like spring this summer. Not really any hot days, just temperatures in the low 80s when its normally high 90s or 100s
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    Here in Canada, in my home's freezer, it's been well below 0C every day this summer.
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    Even the climatologists that back AGW say this is due to the jet stream. Its called weather. :D
  5. Prove it.
    The jet stream would cause LOCAL, not GLOBAL, weather anomalies.
  6. And the change in the jet stream is most likely due to ....... Increased sea surface temperatures.


    What climatologists are now opening saying is that these extreme weather events most likely would not have happened (or at least the extremes that they have) without AGW.

    The world has warmed about 0.75C but we are very likely committed to maybe double that by the time the oceans heat up and equilibrium is established. And that is without any further CO2 emissions.

    In about ten years we will be committed to 2C even if emissions do not further increase. By 2050 about 3C and the wheels will start to fall off in a really big way.
  7. The record for the hottest temp in the US still stands at 134 degrees back in 1913. Hottest temp in ireland still stands at 91 degrees back in 1887. Hottest temp in south america hasnt been broken since 1920.

    The most consecutive days over 100 degrees is 160 days somewhere in australia. That record was set in the 1920s.

    Yes many countries have set a few records this year, but they are not really countries that kept track of the weather before, like Iraq, Belarus, kuwait, ect.


    When we start seeing temperatures in the 140s a few years in a row in different countries....THEN I will think twice about this global warming thing.
  8. By then it will be too late to limit the damage to any sane level.
  9. Eh, it's already too late. This is fun to debate with the Neanderthals, but the truth is, unless someone thinks of something very clever real soon, it's going to get insane soon. If you look at the year over year growth rate of CO2 in the atmosphere, not only is it not slowing down, the rate of growth is actually increasing.
    Gas is still routinely flared off in oil fields in many countries around the world, for instance, adding massive amounts of CO2 for quite literally no return at all for anyone. Coal seam fires burn in coal mines all over the world, adding still more CO2 while providing zero benefit to civilization.
    It's very discouraging.
  10. That would explain the blue dot on that map over California.
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