Jan Arps add on module for Tradestation

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jurase, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. Jurase


    Anyone using Jan arps add on module Swing Trader Tool Kit for
    Tradestation 2000i.
    Any opinions appriciated.
  2. jem


    I did use it, a few years ago. If I ran a bunch of the retracement tools at once it slowed down my computer. I believe that would no long be a problem with more video ram and the faster cards of today but I am no tech expert.

    He had some good indicators in there. The Stops were useful but I think ts pro has them now. Basically, if you have an idea of what indicators you want jan can program them. However, if you think by getting the indicators you are going to make more money.... I do not know. First make the trade plan then get the tools. Like Jan says he has the indicators or he can make them. In fact my office paid for him to augment his pivot indicators and then he put that work into the tool kit. Actually between the pivots the stops and the retracements you could probably make a plan.

    Hope this helps, I do not really know what I was trying to say.
  3. Jurase


    Thank you.