Jan 3, 2001 intraday chart?

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  1. Anybody have it? I think on trade station and a couple other vendors you can go back a long time intraday.

    If anybody has it, could you post a ES or SPY 1 minute chart or 5 minute or whatever. Thanks.
  2. Courtesy of TradeStation. SPY 1min on 1/3/2001.
  3. And this is the @ES (continuous contract) on 1/3/2001 1-min:
  4. Thanks man.

    I was just thinking about potential catastrophes being on the wrong side of a trade and it looks like if you were on the wrong side and sitting right in front of your screen by the time you closed out your position I would guess at a minimum you'd be down 10-15 points on the ES, maybe more, not sure.
  5. can you show that as a point and figure chart, if possible.
  6. I am not familiar with the point and figure chart settings.

    Here is @ES P&F with setting for 1-min: 0.5 box size, 3 for reversal
  7. Here is the PnF for SPY on 1/3/2001. $0.05 for box size, 3 reversal.

    What happened that day???
  8. Jesus. I'm never blindly fading a move again in my life!
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    10/15/1998 is another good one.
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    it was a half point surprise cut by the fed.
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