Jan 2002 - Oil below $20, now over $134: 'Mission Acomplished Mr Bush'

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    I'm no fan of the democrats either (I wont vote for yOmama), but this guy is a fucking disaster
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    $24 in 3 weeks - unreal
  3. OIl is a global commodity, not a domestic one.
    Bush can't do anything about this global mess, Saudi Arabia rebuffs Bush on oil production. Oil price has been increasing since 1998.

    high energy costs are here to stay. You don't have to buy Goldman Sachs's forecast this month that crude will reach $200 a barrel. but it would be foolish to try to deny that in the immediate future, anything we do now will not stop prices rising.

    Oil is up by almost 30% this year alone. That's not the fault of greedy energy companies, or that other current favourite, unscrupulous speculators. It is a simple fact of economic life in a world economy that is, in effect, experiencing a new industrial revolution among half its population.

    BTW, before you start talking about Oil Giants, don't forget 3 things

    1-90% of world's Oil company are state Owned.
    2-77% of the US oil giants profits came from outside the US.
    3-The world is richer than ever before.

    and yes, George W Bush's presidency has been a disaster (especially for conservatives)
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    'before you start talking about Oil Giants'

    whatever gave you the impression i was going to talk about oil giants?