Jan 1st bought LT highs in the dax

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Will the equity markets go up or down in the coming 18 months?

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  1. Strongly down

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  2. small sell off after 4 year long rally

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  3. BIG BUY, load up the truck

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  4. Small buy, or even sideways movement

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  1. Damo1982


    Do you think that from now on in it will progressively move back down? I have called the end to this bear market retrace for a long time now, luckily still making money on the way, but I just dont' see where it would get the legs from to move up now .... I think over the coming years we're going down, but when?

    And do you think it's coming down or going up in the next 18 months?
  2. all I know is this....................

    " Quote from Wayne Gibbous:

    Close your lips and buy those dips.
    Then bank those pips!!!

    Long 'em if they sink.
    You'll be rich in a wink!.

    Buy them if they Cramer.
    Don't be such a lamer!

    Grab that slam.
    Don't give a damn!

    Accrue on the Thud.
    You can't be a dud!

    Stocks catch a thwackin'?
    It's gold you'll be rackin'!"