JAN 12th/15th Holiday Trading HOURS

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  1. The following is the holiday schedule for Monday January 15th. All times
    are given in CST.


    Friday Jan. 12th

    Financial will be closing early at 1pm
    Metals will close early at 12:30pm
    Equities and ags will close normally

    Sunday Jan 14th

    Exchange will be closed for night trading.

    Monday Jan 15th

    Exchange will be closed

    There will be a regular opening for CBOT for Monday night trading for
    trade date Jan 16th.


    Friday Jan 12th

    Currencies and interest rates close early at 3:15pm

    Sunday Jan 14th

    Regular open for all products for trade date January 16th.

    Monday Jan 15th

    Equities will close at 10:30am
    Interest rates and currencies will close at 12 noon
    Nymex and Comex products will close at 4:15pm

    All working orders will be cancelled after Monday mornings session and
    will need to be re-submitted upon re-opening Monday evening.

    There will be a regular 5pm opening for Monday evening.

  2. LT701


    are globex e-minis (es & nq) open regular friday hours tomorrow?