Jamming the futures lower 1-28

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Yes, the bear protection team is taking no prisoners tonight. F me, I should of stayed short over the weekend.

    Don't worry, Benny has your back perma bulls. Just the bear hang 10 for a day or two until your boy bails you out and delays the storm a little more.
  2. Lowering rates won't save equity markets. And the market has already baked in a cut of as much as 75 basis points.

    The equity boom was built on massive leverage and a historically unprecedented house of cards (pun intended).
  3. We better stay above 12,000 :(
  4. Max threshhold was hit for now. Cover some positions. Going to bed. We'll see the tankage in Europe.

    Maybe some putz at Goldman is exposed to losing 11 billion tomorrow to offset the 1500 job cuts.:p
  5. this guy pumper is out of control,he knows the market is doomed and he is waiting patiently to go in for the kill. you better stay out of his way,he's gonna be all over the map with short positions. that mofo better take me to an upscale whorehouse with his winnings.

  6. I don't like this action right now. Yeah, I'm waiting on the sidelines to swoop in soon. Market is not completely doomed. I'm just looking for a juicy trade. Probably hang on the sideline for a bit. I'm actually waiting to get long for a sucker rally.

    Whorehouse sounds good....would like to piss away some profits on poon tang when my account gets comfortable for that "discretionary income". Too bad, I just laid out property and school taxes for 8k...f'n profits this month gone!
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