Jamin' the futures higher

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  1. Dow 13,146.00 41.00 0.31
    S&P 500 1,454.40 4.50 0.31
    NASDAQ 1,900.50 8.25 0.44

    Very nice indeed and still five more hours till market open.

    We should see a strong open an a continuation throughout the day. Have we bottomed? I think so.

    A lot of brears predict this recent bounce is a dead cat and finally the market will get the good ol' so called 'healthy' correction it needed on the heels of subprime, lending, and liquidy issues.

    Or um maybe not...Perhaps we'll have to wait awhile longer before we see that big correction bears have been clamoring for since 2004.

    Why will the market resume it's huge rally which began waaaay back on Oct 2002? We can analyze numbers, earnings, growth, PE ratios, overbought/underbought, eliot waves, etc. Or we just just turn on the TV to CNN, FOX, MSNBC.

    The fact that dull, milktoase, unassertive candidates like Hillary oabama, guilliani, Romney and Mcain are able to gain so much footing is all the PROOF you need that the market is gona surge and that the subprime, housing, lending thingy isn't a big deal. Ameircans are doing fine. Americans dont care about open borders or free trade. Lets get cheaper goods and higher gas prices. No problems. Keep sending troops into Iraq. No problems at all. Americans still have plenty of money to burn and credit card debt to accumulate.

    Hillary is on fire. So is this putz Obama who learnd his foriegn policy from watching Captain America. Neither of these canditates offer much or promise much. If America were really in trouble, if things wern't good, American voters would demand a tyrant like Hukkabee or Ron Paul. Same as when the germans flocked to Hitler when germany was falling apart in the early 30's. Or Americans voted for the socialist FDR during the Great Depression.

    Also the TV media is focussing still on stupid public interest stories like Dogfighting, some hurricane, an earthqauke, a few trapped miners, and other distractions. Nervermind the war and 1000's of lost lives, nevermind consumer debt, nevermind the shrinking middle class, nevermind the open borders.

    Conclusion: time 2 buy. The doom and gloom isn't here. Just go long and make money. Don't fight the trend and avoid trading for intraday ticks when the real profits are made in the big overnight gaps. CNBC may keep talking about volatility over and over anbd over but if you turn off that idiot box and go long on some shit you will make lots of money in four to six months. A 1000 point rebound in the dow will equate to some serious green if you go long now. w3rd.
  2. Slaves predict

    Kings react
  3. market crashes occurred while stocks were trading at much higher multiples...unwarranted now with p/e's still very low by historical standards.
  4. Agree. The forward PE ratio for the S&p is at historic lows.

    We're in a perfect ballance between growth, valuations, and inflation.
  5. Oh no markets up again?..whaaaa..what happened to the subprime and lending? What about the liquidy...? Maybe there is no crisis....oh no time for me to cover.

    The truth is as I pointed out on Sunday night is that there really are no problems. Turn on the TV and you will see that with the exception of CNBC no one talks about liqudity or leding. The american economy is stronger than ever. Consumers are spending record amounts.

    The dow will easily retest 14000 by 2008.

    There won't be a market correction for another 20 years. And there will NEVER be another bear market baring a nuclear war or other exesential risk.

    We're on the precipice of a monster rally that will last for a generation.

    This is the perfect time 2 buy

    every dip must be bought
  6. what about every rally sold. No one gives a rats ass what you "predict". This is a site for traders, for the 1000th time, you are not a trader. While you were gone during the selloff, alot of us coined money. I covered my shorts last thursday, as most people who trade on technicals would have. I'm not long the indexes, but I am particpating in this bounce. When the technicals say get short I will.. All you have are oddlots and no buying power, so you just go on posting your bullshit here. As I said no one cares.

  7. You apparently cared enough to post here...

    I also doubt you made much money percentage wise. You're timeframe is too short and your trading methodology is based on highly leveraged positions. That means you can't ride out trends without worry about blowing up. Even if you made 5K last week I'm sure your next losing trade will eat that up in a hurry...

    I can just kick back, sit back and relax and watch my portfolio surge as I add more money to the dips while you guys have to frantically track ticks hoping not to get stopped out.

    However, there is tons of profit to be made using leaps with a 3 month time frame.
  8. Amen.
  9. I'm sorry stock, but you go back on ignore. You just don't get it. You just siad that you added to you're posistions on the dip, but last week you said you were tapped and margained out. You are so full of shit. You have zero credibilty, and you have no clue what it takes to survive in this game. Good luck, and get bent.
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    Countrywide is helping out, up to $25.50 AH.
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