Jamie Dimon vs Obama

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  1. Jamie Dimon (cliff notes)

    Occupy Wall Street - “Stop vilifying big business. Things are pretty good, but we can’t get out of this malaise (if business continues to be attacked).”

    Immigration – “America has the best military and universities in the world. It’s pathetic and immoral that we teach kids from all over the world and then make them go home.”

    Subsidies - “Government should stop subsidizing business. Just get out of the way.”

    Obamacare – “Would I like to see universal healthcare? Yes. But all we did was pile more stuff on top of a crappy system.”

    Payroll tax – “The payroll policy is in effect for two months! What kind of a joke is that?!”



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  2. If Obama loses he is going to the head of the unemployment line very shortly. Our Acorn community organizer got a taste of the corporate lifestyle, meeting with the hedge fund managers, party like a rock star and Air Force One.

    He has exhausted his income opportunities on the book circuit and Imo, his ex Presidency lecture circuit will be confined to a "tent".

    Maybe he should have a beer summit with Rick Wagnor, see how that GM deal worked out so well for Hope and Change.
  4. Do you actually think a republican nominee would do any better? Obama is just as bad as they are.
  5. Is Jamie Dimon related to James Simon of Renaissance Tech? If not I don't give a crap what he has to say.
  6. Jamie Dimon is a Socialist (government-supported) banker posing as a Capitalist.

    Obama is a banker/auto-company bail-out supporter.

    What's the difference?? :confused:

    As the 1st black president, Obama's post-presidency income stream is assured. Multi-millions. Guaranteed.

    Notice how the democrats are not pointing out what level the market was at when Obama was sworn-in vs. where it is now. Why not?

    Are they afraid that Obama will be seen as pro-Wall St in sheep's clothing?

    Or that they know a president has very little control over the economic cycles and a a bought-and-paid-for Congress?
  7. Dimon. Is that even a real last name. Doubt it.

  8. I lke Jamie. staight up guy, Greek too! How ironic.
  9. I'm sure there must be a point in here somewhere. I bet it involves a conspiracy right? Please tell me it's a conspiracy. Anything else is boring.

  10. Nope. I like to accept everything prima facie just like you. :D
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