James Stock's Family Album

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pisspotpete, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Just happened across this. Manolo, Chapa...heck, even Scientist (he's the "smart" one) and T-Rex is there!

    I know it's them 'cause they live in the trailer next to me. :D

  2. No dental insurance, eh?

  3. bobcathy1

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    Dude that is funny stuff.....I think I know these people. LOL
  4. you should your related say heelo to unkle fred and aunt sarah last ya saw them ya was a bay bee:p
  5. bobcathy1

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    I dons recoletct any dems....but ise glads i getted my teeths fixed.
  6. lol hows the trading comin? i'm knockin the eyeballs out of the NQ! :)
  7. bobcathy1

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    Iz beens fishin in the Russel and catching some whoppers......biggers dem dang ol' catfish at Junkyard Lake......
  8. oh that Russell us treacherous! watch out for the riptide and cross currents..pull you under faster you can whistle dixie.
  9. are Romeo, Manolo, and Anthony-Trader in that album too?

    Can anyone point out which one is Manolo, cause I think he's the one that called the TOP in the S&P.