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  1. My last reference/post to the inane James Stock. I've now sent him 3 PMs requesting he back-up his $50k bet with action. He has failed to respond in over 24 hours, yet he continues to post on ET, in fact, he's made a dozen posts or so since receiving my offer.

    Obviously the guy is swinging a small bat, if swinging at all(doubtful). I will ignore any further posts re: JS, and I suggest we all do the same.


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    riskarb wrote on 02-05-04 05:23 PM:
    I'm ready to go... I've got $50k or $500k riding on it, take your pick. The conditions are:

    1) Your *personal* account performance has exceeded mine over the last (x)years.

    2) Your account exceeds $1,000,000US

    3) Verified identity... You(and I) must be able to prove, to the other's satisfaction, that the account(s) are held in our respective names. No BS with accounts held in other names, firm accounts, etc...

  2. Thank you for your genuine and honest posts.
    I will refrain from replying to James Crock, as well.

    Best regards!

  3. lol cool thread:cool:
    and while you are at it, I'll bet him 50:1 that he's full of crap when he thinks I'm waggie :D :D :D

    hmm I should go 75:1 to include his 75+++ aliases screwing up ET.:p :p :p
  4. Why do I think JS is now going to come out with a long string of excuses?
  5. hehe I think you maybe right:D :D that and few new handles to shower ET with the same ole bs routine.:eek: :eek:
  6. risk barb, if you're betting me on my audit , that's great! If you have an audit and want to bet on the comparison of them, thats great too. Risk barb, stick your nose in here and tell us you have an audit and the years of the audit, so we can get moving.

    And BTW, i'm now offering 2 to 1 odds on the fact that my audit is very real and very impressive over a period of 5+ years.

    come on risk barb, lets go on this one. I can also bet you that I can kick your arse in less then a minute.

    There, now you have 3 bets to run from. lets recap:

    you can bet on:

    1) I have a real and impressive audit with no losing years.

    2) I'd like to here about the years of your audit so we can compare apples to apples.

    3) I can kick your arse in less than a minute.
  7. Gotta love the playground-level rhetoric.

  8. 1) fine by me, I've got 10+ years of audited IRS returns -- BTW, what happened to your "9 YEAR" AUDIT???

    2) apples to apples, IRS returns prepared/audited by my CPA:

    3) Dude, this can be handled today if you like... we're both in Chicago after all. ;-) This would please me the most. I'll even pay you $100 to appear in person, cash in hand, in addition to the account-wager.

    I'm not going to continue this here... if you're game, you have my PMs to respond to AND my phone number.

    Awaiting your PM, or call... We can meet today if you like and settle this.

  9. 02-06-04 06:59 PM

    Quote from James Stock:

    Mav, i'd like to know what the bet is before I waste anyones time. If its about my audit, great! If its a comparison, I need to know the years of risk barbs audit so we can fairly compare apples to apples. The one with the best record and cumulative return wins!

    For those not familiar with audits, the last line gives a cumulative return over the entire audit period.

    Quote from Maverick:

    James, riskarb said any time period, so why not just use the 9 year period you stated. That should be the most accurate. That way it flattens out the lucky years and the bad years. Fair enough. So we have a 9 year audit from both you and riskarb will be sent to Don Bright along with a wire transfer. Let's get the ball rolling here.
  10. dude, you bit off more than you can chew here. Tell me where to meet you, and i'll see you at 6pm. BTW, i'm bringing an officer/police friend to make sure this is legit, and a waver so you don't sue me when I make you submit in less than a minute. If you got the balls and won't submit, your ankle will be broken.

    I'm too much of a humane person to really injure you.
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