James Kostohryz goes to cash and turns bear...

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  2. Looks like he's already missed about 63 SPX points to the upside - - - given that his article is dated today at 2:05PM.

    Meanwhile, his "analysis" sounds a lot like "could go up . . . and could go down."

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    Landis the troll,

    I dont think you read the entire article. He liquidated all positions at 925. His analysis is very clear and if you bought&sold when he did then you would be rich literally.

    He was making bearish options plays on banks in September, covering in October and then going long in March. His record is nearly perfect. I suggest you read his articles...

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  5. I thought it was a good read... (except i don't like MVilles site layout or their ADvert crap-yuk the owner of MV is clueless...)

    Is there somewhere that explains what tools James K uses to call his price points or is it the well worn S/R points that have held over the last month...

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    Quite honestly, James Kostohryz is the only guy I follow on that site. I occasionally read some of the other articles, but he is the only one who seems consistent.

    He uses a blend of fundamentals and technicals in his lengthy thesis statements. I dont have a subscription to "Buzz and Banter" on the site, but if his call is correct I would definately consider the trial period just to read his works.

    Some of his calls have some high target prices, but he will write an opposing article if the trend goes against his calls. For example, he wrote in an earlier article the SnP would go to 1200, but now he has called that off in his most recent article.

  7. Where's the list of the assholes that told us 666 was gonna be retested by now?
  8. Looks like a bad sale.
  9. SPX: 950
    Looks like a bad sale.
  10. In euro's the S&P is down.

    Perhaps by going into cash he means euro's?
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