James Holmes' Psychiatrist Contacted Police Weeks Before Movie-Theater Shootings

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  1. and he was still allowed to possess and buy guns and ammunition. why does the nra and the other gun nuts refuse to allow serious background checks?

    The psychiatrist who treated suspected movie-theater shooter James Holmes made contact with a University of Colorado police officer to express concerns about her patient's behavior several weeks before Holmes' alleged rampage, sources told ABC News.
  2. Why was he not detained and questioned by police? Oh yeah, that whole civil rights thing.
  3. Based upon the psychiatrist's report the police had probable cause to question Holmes and to determine if there was cause for further action (e.g., to seek a warrant to conduct a search of his home).

    Did the police do any of these things?
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    This fact condemns the police you moron NOT the NRA.

    What was a background check on Holmes going to reveal anyway?
    He had no wants no warrants and no record. All he had to do was check the "no" box next to the question about having any mental health issues.
    Or do you naively assume he'd been honest when asked?


    Here are some more examples of great police "work"




    And to think ignorant anti gun loons like you don't want anyone BUT police to have firearms.
  5. we dont know but if there was a database that the police could access that showed this guy had many hi powered guns and had recently purchased more and that he had recently ordered 6000 rounds of ammo when he made threats to kill a bunch of people they might have taken notice?
    is it really that hard to think of ways to prevent these types of things from happening again? because they will.
    the only roadblock preventing thinking people from designing common sense ways to prevent another similar mass shooting is the nra and the rabid gun nuts.
  6. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, they disregarded that too.
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    I wouldn't put much stock in what ABC News has to say. How many major screw ups have they had just in the last months?
  8. He was buying guns & ammos months before the movie shooting. Perhaps he went to order some guns right before the shooting and found out that he couldnt buy anymore because his psychiatrist reported him which is what set him off and said "I better do this now since they are on to me"
  9. Not near as many as FOX
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