"Jake Bernstein's TradingMind Software For Futures Traders"

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  1. I don't know this jake but I don't find that surprising: do you expect a tennis or any sport coacher to be a great player ? Some would be others won't it doesn't prevent them from being a good coacher. A player is somehow like a pavlov dog to train with reflex a coacher cannot have those reflex. And if he is a pure psy coacher he must also lack some technical skill to be a player.

    >Too bad Jake can't trade well for himself, or follow his own psychological advice.
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  2. benysl


    Just receive the CD yesterday. Was a little disappointed on the whole. I didn't know what to expect from the CD.

    When I pop it in, it started a hypnosis session telling you to relax from head to toe, then some positive suggestion will be suggested to your brain. Not saying it will not work. In fact I do believe in hypnosis and think it will work. But at this price for this little CD. If I had known that it is a hynopsis stuff I would have hold back my money.

    It would be worth if the price is at $50.

    Anyway it does have pretty good packaging.
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  3. You seem to have such a positive mental attitude already, why don’t you return it to the Subconscious Training Corporation with the 90-day no questions asked return any time you like guarantee?

    Tapping into your subconscious [​IMG]will harness your subconscious trading skills. But you won't get these benefits unless you try it. Q&A!

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  4. Here's the free demo (using Flash)


    Never seen such a joke in my life! I doesn't get better than this!

    "I am disciplined every day."

    "I love to be disciplined."

    "I let my system work for me."

    Haaahahahahaha!!!!! God!
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  5. LouieR


    The demo reminds me of the typical incantation the hypnotist uses in a comedy; "your getting SLEEPY, SLeepy, sleepy... It gave me a good laugh and something to do on a slow trading day.
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    if anyone wants to sell his copy of Trading Mind please cont(r)act :) me via PM---

    TIA & good hunting,

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