"Jake Bernstein's TradingMind Software For Futures Traders"

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by El Cazador, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. Does anyone using this really recommend it? Thanks
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    is this the Ol' Jake Bernstien of years back, wasn't he at one time pushing "Seasonal Commodity Trading" and has an infomercial years back???

    Oh man talk about snake oil....

  3. lindq


    Yep, the same Jake. Check out the investment section of your local bookstore, and you'll see that he's got a title on just about any trading style you can mention. Strange thing is, he's never managed to make any money trading for himself! But he has certainly succeeded in making suckers of his publishers and the people who pay good money for his trash.
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    Too bad Jake can't trade well for himself, or follow his own psychological advice. He was quite a star on then FNN.

    I did buy his book Investors Quotient back in 1986. I still think I got a lot out of it. This was a time before Van Tharp, before Mkt Wizards books etc...

    This software is not bad, slightly overpriced at $130. But if you aren't doing any psychological work, this would be a good start.

    There are 8-10 Hypnosis modules each lasts about 10-15 min. Not a bad way to start a trading day.

    imho you must work daily on your psychology, otherwise you may endup like Jake...
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    Or, as has been said many times before, THOSE WHO CAN'T DO, TEACH. (or they start a website.)
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    I didn't like Jake Bernstein but after looking thru the contents of the CD. I think it is a good way to start building up psychology. I am a very bad discipline trader. I just place my order on Friday after I break 1 of my rule.

    A little pricey to me but if it help me save money over the long run by become a better trader I guess it is worth it. But never know until I get the CD.
  7. Yah I think its pretty good to. I just do not agree on that discipline stuff. [​IMG]Try eBay next time.
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