Jai Ramouter Jr ?

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  1. has anyone ever heard of this individual ?

    Jai Ramoutar, Jr. is known in the industry as one of the pioneers in the education of direct access traders, and a successful self-taught trader. Since 1995, Mr. Ramoutar has personally taught over 12,000 individuals worldwide, from different walks of life, the art and science of technical and momentum analysis. Many of Mr. Ramoutar’s students have gone on to become industry leaders, and some of the world’s most revered successful individual and professional traders. Industry professionals and competitors alike have aggressively sought after his knowledge.
  2. His real name is Jai Krishan Ramavtar.

    He worked as a IB (Introducing Broker) for World Trade Financial Commodities LTD from 9/89 - 11/89. Two years later World Trade had it's NFA membership permanantly withdrawn due to it's sales practices.


    He worked for All-Tech (remember the killer trader), during the time of Barton's rampage. Here's a quote from Jai from the press:

    Jai Ramoutar, a director of All-Tech, said Mr Barton had not traded there in some time.

    He came into the office, "and after speaking with our branch manager suddenly stood up and for no reason opened fire on the manager and his secretary," Mr Ramoutar said.

    "This man then went into our main trading room and began indiscriminately shooting the customers. The man then ran out of our office and continued shooting in another part of the office building."


    Another article with quotes on training at All-Tech:

    Phase One of the class, a week, covers basics, from how the markets operate to how not to day trade stock. It's part pep rally, part analytics, a lot of basics and a hefty dose of anecdotes and aphorisms.
    "The trend is your friend," the instructors like to say. By the end of the week, the customers are running drills to get in and out of trades quickly.
    "You're using a very dangerous tool," Director of Training Jai Ramoutar says by way of introduction. "And it's also very profitable if it's used the right way." Trading isn't easy, he points out. "How much can I make day trading? How long will my learning curve be? The length of your learning curve depends on the thickness of your skin."
    The instructors rattle through the primary ways day traders lose money. Don't take home overnight positions, they drum into their customers. "That is the No. 1 reason why traders fail," Ramoutar says. Don't chase stocks. Don't trade on your emotions. Don't make predictions. Stay disciplined. Take quick profits and cut your losses.


    Maybe some of the people he trained at All-Tech would be willing to post their opinion.
  3. is I saw an advertisement on his teaching

    an inexpensive course but it is probably going to

    be too crowded and who the heck knows if his

    comments are any better than the other so called

    experts ...
  4. Last I heard he was with Pristine.


    I think I'm familiar with him?

    "SethArb" (risk arb?), I've been in the industry for quite some time, and have achieved quite a bit. I have personally trained, almost as many people as Elite has subscribers. Rather than bore you with the details now, you can send me an email to jairamfam00@hotmail.com or send me an IM, screename "VeniVeci", or heck when you come to the seminar, I'll give you my resume as a bonus and buy you a cup of coffee.

    "no pm please" (and I won't) I don't have a series 3, and never had an interest in commodities or futures (the DJI and NAZ are tough enough, who the hell needs to gamble at a table with Mother Nature too?), and there is no relation to Jai Krishan Ramavtar. I'm 32 y/o and that means, I would have to worked their @ 19 y/o, and be a full-fledged commodities broker. I've been registered with the NASD since 1990, you can see a report on my whereabouts for the last ten years on their site, www.nasdr.com, or if that's too much trouble, drop me line and I'll give you whatever answers you need, and a resume if you wish. Yes, I worked for All-Tech and left as 3rd in charge 3rd to Harvey Houtkin and Mark Shefts (the owners), and was appointed the "company spokesperson" during the terrible Atlanta tragedy. God knows, the last person the victims families wanted to see was Harvey Houtkin giving a statement. All-Tech knew that, and that's why they appointed me. I lost my first son (1 year old) three weeks before that happened. Many of my protege's were killed in that fiasco, and there's not a day that goes by where I don't think of it. You didn't find all of the other non-related interviews I gave? :) cnBS, WSJ, Barron's, Forbes, Fortune.
    There's alot more links out there, I'll send them to you, so you have a complete collection. :)

    "Bundlemaker" (awesome handle), Yes, after running All-Tech Training Group from 10/95-11/01, I was seduced by Oliver Velez in 11/01. I was recruited onto their sacred management team, and was put in charge of their entire education operation (seminars, bootcamps, mentorships and the entire education team). I have never burned a bridge in the business, so I'll say it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE. It really was!

    The bottom line is this, I started www.tradingscience.com with a great partner, and as a result I'm VERY pleased with the results. I have been teaching, mentoring, and coaching traders (while trading for myself), and will continue to do so for a long time. I’ve watched this industry unfold, testified as an expert witness for the US Senate, to help keep this industry untouched, but I haven't seen too many traders or educators whether ALL of the storms since '95, and I'm proud to say I'm one of them. I don’t believe in “snake oil”, as a matter of fact, I despise it.

    By the way folks, (“Seth arb”, “Bundlemaker”, and “no pm please”) here's 2 pieces of inside information, 1- the June 18th seminar is almost sold out (good call Seth) , 2- I offer each of you a "complimentary" 1-hour telephone coaching session with me. Just send me an email.

    Be Well! May the trend be with you!



    Best, Jai Ramoutar, Jr,
  7. setharb, no pmplease and bundlemaker...did any of you take Jia up on his offer?