JADE FX - anyone used this broker?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by masut, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. masut


    anyone used JADE FX broker?


    this MT4 broker with No Dealing Desk, very tight spreads, uses STP technology.

    spread Eur-Usd minimum 0.1 pip.
  2. Unregulated MT4 bucket shop, thieves basically.

    Hope that helps :)

  3. Thieves as in.......

    -they close your overnight positions w/o your consent when you log off the trading platform?

    -manipulate each individual traders' advanced dealer rates?

    -change your trading activity report?

    -lock you out of the trading platform in profitable positions until they become negative and then you're miraculously able to log back into the system only to realize a huge loss?

    Funny thing....that has been happening to me this week - which is my first week with FXCM UK

    Those fuckers assasinated my account this week...

    Down 95% ! ! !
  4. Holy crap! Seriously? :eek:

  5. Unfortunately, yes

    Combo of FXCM being great thieves, making me emotional and using too much leverage

    I'm just about to become homeless

    Life Sux

    Good Luck all ! !
  6. Yeah but 95%!!!!

    If it's them that fucked up then they should put it right, have you spoken to them?

  7. Yes...I can't say it's all their fault

    What sparked it all was not being able to log into my platform - was making nice profit then was able to log back in at the exact millisecond that my position started to move into the red

    Then I started to get frustrated and mad, made dumb trades, over-traded, etc

    Then my overnight positions started to disappear at the exact same time 2 nights in a row

    When it's all said and done, I;m now down to a few hundred bucks

    I'm really mad at FXCM but I should be more mad at myself

    Their actions (evil or not) definitely contributed to my huge decline but not 100%

    I take huge responsibility obviously

    But it's going to be a long road to get back to account b/e

    I hope you guys take it easy

    I'm going to be taking a little break to see if there are jobs out there but it's very hard to get one nowadays

    Who knows, maybe in 2 months - I'll have made everything back

    G/L guys!
  8. Jason Rogers

    Jason Rogers ET Sponsor

    hi T-Bone Trader,

    I work for FXCM. Please contact client services to request a trade audit if you feel there was a technical issue. We are required by regulations to open a trade audit for any FXCM UK client that contacts us about a trade.

    At least give an opportunity for issues to be investigated and corrected if there was one. You can privately message me directly as well.

  9. Yep, you too, it's a shame because you posted some great trade analysis!

    Take it easy....
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