Jacksons journal

Discussion in 'Journals' started by jackson222, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Building a short position

    short @ 10972
  2. it's over for longs

    i'm getting very short over next few weeks.
  3. all this excessive volatility, spikes out of nowhere is all bot/HFT crap

    they are destroying the market, America
  4. the bots are getting killed, they are buying every dip LOL

    flash crash? :D
  5. rot in hell bots, rot in hell
  6. it's over longs are soon toast, shorts get payed off

    who wanna get paid?
  7. can you believe this BS? :D
  8. shorted 10965! another bullet

    watch out today , the bots rue the day today
    rot in hell
  9. gap down 2morrow.

    the bitches don't have a set of balls to sell this now.

    they'll do it afterhour when we sleep :D