Jacks* writing- compare notes with serious person ?

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  1. Long day, And tomorrow I have another.
    In between. I have been looking at jack Hersheys system.
    So you can imagine,

    Jacks work is different.
    I actually had to start over 2 or 3 times.
    I am trying to catch up today was hard but I got somewhere, not yet where I should be

    this is what I notice+
    its distilled
    but redunant
    its mixed up
    its repetitive for clarification.
    but it key concepts or term may not be repetitive on other threads
    So it may be continuous.
    Some things have been removed.
    The information may be incomplete.
    There is a lot of content that is being dropped quickly but intentionally
    In his own work he gives clues to his way.

    His system (besides what is given) refers alot to math noise library's and dictionary's. and books and binders.

    To me it is given as a code,

    there may be missing pieces, but that is attainable one just needs to be a bit greedy to get the right forumlas.

    Also he refers to long term memory and sensing.
    Interesting concepts if you look in to them. If there is a map in ones mind that is remembered by the sub conscience, then our subconscience should be able to process the data. and give feed back to us.

    I have home work to do. I am behind in some ways. But the formulae I have I think may be a key. I can learn it, I can learn jacks way of coding
    I can do my home work.

    Time is not an issue in reading the markets. but he seems to be in a rush. Information comes to us and has to be processed.

    There is just way to much content out there. Too many people have different pieces they have learnt.

    If the content is not all the same, (it should be alot of copy and pasting)
    then we all have spent alot of time to understand a bit of everything.

    Some the details. some the math some the idea of jack ect.

    Jacks story cant be read as it is so hard to decode.

    Maybe if we have a few people that are on different threads come together to compare what we are getting on a micro and macro scale.

    Would be nice.

    Jack sorry about the home work, I peaked ahead, I will try to have that tomorrow. Progress was made. I put together some pieces I understand better i have a picture. I will try the home work. It is hard to be right on it though. I ll try not to post there till I have it.

    4:40 am... not again !
  2. People have a bad habit of looking for patterns in randomness. offer them data and they will look for a trend, when they are right they are rewarded
    with nothing.

    This is alot of trading on ET.

    This writing feeds off people that need to find a pattern.
    It feeds off people that are looking for direction
    it fees off people hoping
    It feeds off people looking to for feed back.

    Is it here cause it is relevant to trading ?
    is it here cause ET has the best audience for it?
    has it been engineered for us ?

    Does the writing follow the threads ? or does it lead the threads?
    does it follow a user or does it try to follow the user that is closest to its destination.

    Im not saying the intention are good or bad.

    they are engineered

    Sometimes it feels like there is some software, not sure if it is coding or writting, but reading.

    Is thinking and being open and logical and deducing actually punished ?
  3. I see what you mean and agree with most/all.

    One can not simply take one of Jack's last posts as a starting point and expect to understand anything. It would sound like bullshit/rubbish/gibberish or whatever you call it. That is because when you first read it you don't have an understanding of the words or terms he is using. There is no reference in your brain for what he is talking about.

    Reading what he wrote is a first step because with every post you will discover elements which will help you to understand pieces you didn't understand before. Yes, it is very repetitive and rephrased/repackaged in many different ways. Yes, the information is sometimes incomplete or unclear even if he says a fifth grader could do it. Yes, it contains errors which makes it difficult to follow. Yes, it takes time to filter from his posts what you need to understand about his method from the additional comments, opinions, stories, etc. in which he buries everything. But I think he offers a unique way to look at the markets.

    Reading is not enough with the way he presents his methods. You really need to invest time and energy, try to replicate what he presents, the drills he suggests, etc. Only then will you further understand. Do, be, have or something like that.

    He is swamping you with "information" and seems to be in a hurry but that's probably because of his age. Time is running out so to speak. Maybe also: "Hey, if you want to be rich, I show you how. Hurry up, make all the money you need and then help to solve some problems people are facing."

    I can not help you much because I'm trying to understand everything he presents myself (in my own pace). There are many more advanced people on this site who are hiding/lurking who could help you further. I'm looking forward to see how far you will get and at the same time try to learn from you and his replies.
  4. Jack wants to take people back to the days before we had computers. He was insisting that people make their own paper charts and annotate with crayons at one point. Jack wants to see people crawl through broken glass and worship him! He wants to punish them or something. Jack takes something that is quite simple and makes it NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. I have learned that one of the biggest flaws in human thinking is that people will ignore a very simple and clear understanding of something if they are mesmerized by something that is very complex and "sciency"

    Speaking figuratively and hyperbolically: I'd bulldoze Jack into a hole in the desert before I'd try to follow one of his conversations but maybe that's just me.. Five minute charts?? That kind of data transmission is not necessary anymore, we can pull up tick charts that go back for years for $75/mo., ok Jack? Learn something that has one foot in the 1950's and the other in the... 1980's maybe? I ain't doin' that shit...

    I see Jack as the Sheriff in High Plains Drifter.. He spooks people, he screws their women, he smokes their cigars, drinks their whiskey, takes over their homes, he insults them, he lets his reputation grow itself a pair, he orders them to paint the town red... he's on a mission of arrogance and vengeance..

    not sayin' he can't trade, I have no way to know that..

  5. Age is a sensitive thing, it need not always mean rushing, But I get what you say, If someone is in a rush there is a solution.

  6. Figuratively you'd use a bulldozer.
    You let Jack is in your living room.
    He is in your life.
    He is teaching you to trade.

    Statistically, you are probably a typical audience member

    Assume you are typical, meaning you have no clue how to make money in the market. Why try so hard to understand Jack? did you try as hard to try other ideas?

    Do you trust JACK ?
  7. Is progress/adaptation made ?
    Or is information set in stone?

    ((((When introduced to volume, and the idea of minority I thought about a bunch of scalpers trying to make a buck.A lot of small orders instead of one big order in some charts comes up as the same. Anyways DOESNT MATTER HERE. blah blah balh )))

    Point is, I found volume data vague.

    Then I found* this (attached picture).

    1. would you associate this picture of a car to JACK ?

    Please if you respond answer question 1 (above).

    It is very important it will give us direction.

    Regarding "Do you trust JACK"
    Time is money, (time invested can be changed to money)
    learning is money/time

    Why jack, why not your junk mail folder for guidance.

    I understand these questions can be taken the wrong way, as a viewer, it ends up on the viewers mind and may be an issue for a low conversion rate.

    It is not an insult as it is. Personally I think he is a great guy, It is weird i haven't met him and I like him, I also like myself in his presence.
  8. here is the picture, have you seen this before ?
  9. Is there a chit chit for the chit chit thread?
  10. its pretty quiet for now.. go for it
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