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  1. ED BRADLEY: What was going through your mind when you're taken into a police station, in handcuffs, to have a mug shot taken, that you know is gonna be shown around the world?

    MICHAEL JACKSON: They did it to try and belittle me, to try and to take away my pride. But I went through the whole system with them. And at the end, I — I wanted the public to know that I was okay, even though I was hurting.

    EB: What happened when they arrested you? What did they do to you?

    MJ: They were supposed to go in, and just check fingerprints, and do the whole thing that they do when they take somebody in. They manhandled me very roughly. My shoulder is dislocated, literally. It's hurting me very badly. I'm in pain all the time. This is, see this arm? This is as far as I can reach it. Same with this side over here.

    EB: Because of what happened at the police station?

    MJ: Yeah. Yeah. At the police station. And what they did to me — if you — if you saw what they did to my arms — it was very bad what they did. It's very swollen. I don't wanna say. You'll see. You'll see.

    We were given a photograph, said to be taken after Michael Jackson was released on bail. Jackson says the swelling above his wrist is where the police handcuffed him.

    EB: How did they do it? I mean, what, physically, what did they do?

    MJ: With the handcuffs, the way they tied 'em too tight behind my back —

    EB: Behind your back?

    MJ: Yeah. And putting it, they put it in a certain position, knowing that it's going to hurt, and affect my back. Now I can't move. I— I— it keeps me from sleeping at night. I can't sleep at night.

    And Jackson says there was more:

    MJ: Then one time, I asked to use the restroom. And they said, "Sure, it's right around the corner there." Once I went in the restroom, they locked me in there for like 45 minutes. There was doo doo, feces thrown all over the walls, the floor, the ceiling. And it stunk so bad. Then one of the policemen came by the window. And he made a sarcastic remark. He said, "Smell — does it smell good enough for you in there? How do you like the smell? Is it good?" And I just simply said, "It's alright. It's okay." So, I just sat there, and waited.

    EB: For 45 minutes?

    MJ: Yeah, for 45 minutes. About 45 minutes. And then — then one cop would — come by, and say, "Oh, you'll be out in — in a second. You'll be out in a second." Then there would be another 10 minutes added on, then another 15 minutes added on. They did this on purpose.

    EB: How did you feel when they went into Neverland, I mean, with a search warrant? I mean, what were they looking for? What did they take?

    MJ: My room is a complete wreck. My workers told me. They said, "Michael, don't go in your room." They were crying on the phone, my employees. They said, "If you saw your room, you would cry." I have stairs that go up to my bed. And they said, "You can't even get up the stairs. The room is totally trashed." And they had 80 policemen in this room, 80 policemen in one bedroom. That's really overdoing it. They took knives, and cut open my mattresses with knives. C— just cut everything open.

    EB: Did— did they take anything from Neverland?

    MJ: A— I'm not sure what they took. They never gave me a list.

    EB: But you're saying that they destroyed your property?

    MJ: Yes, they did. And then they, what they did was they made everybody that work at the property, they locked everybody out of the house. They had the whole house to themselves to do whatever they wanted. And — they totally took advantage. They went into areas they weren't supposed to go into — like my office. They didn't have search warrants for those places. And they totally took advantage. And the room is a total, total wreck, they told me. I don't think I wanna see it. I'm not ready to see it yet.

    EB: So, you haven't been back there?

    MJ: I've been back there. But not in my bedroom. I won't live there ever again. I'll visit Neverland. It's a house now. It's not a home anymore. I'll only visit there… What time is it? Cause I'm hurting. You know what? I'm— I'm hurting. I have to go pretty soon anyway. Yeah. Okay. I don't feel good.
  2. I'm really getting sick of this Michael Jackson thing. Most people thing he molests kids but I doubt he is really doing that. I think he is very eccentric in some extreme ways, but since is being very weird a crime?
  3. On what basis do you hold that doubt?

    Is it on the basis of your extensive knowledge of pedophiles and their psychological condition?

    Is it on the basis of behavioral patterns of pedophiles?

    Is it on the basis of your intimate knowledge of what Michael Jackson does behind closed doors?

    Have you ever wondered, if what Jackson does is so sexless, why no little girls are ever involved in his affairs?

    Is the face of a little girl any less Godlike than a little boy?

    In the fable the Pied Piper, he didn't just attract little boys, but all children.

    Even with the problems Jackson had 10 years ago, how has he changed his behavior to reduce personal risk of events like this?

    Do you know how often people as wealthy and eccentric as Michael Jackson allow advisor's to tell them what to do, or do they usually do as they damn well please?

    Legally, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    That you would find him "innocent" now and doubt pedophilia behavior on his part reveals what little you do know about pedophilia and the the common characteristics of those who are pedophiles.

    Do some thorough research into the topic, then look at Jackson's behavior, then tell us what you think.

  4. Michael Jackson hasn't been proven to be a pedophile by anyone. He has had little girls at his complex in the past. The little boy who is alleging sexual assault was also abused by his father (wow, isn't that shocking).

    MJ may or may not be doing something wrong -- I don't know, I wasn't there. I'm just tired of the media treating him as if he's already guilty.

    Once the media gets ahold of something, they'll get the people to believe whatever best suits their ratings.
  5. Aphie...I was wholeheartedly on your side until Jacko converted to Islam. Now? Fuck him. At least the Prophet Mohammed had the 'decency' to violate pre-teen GIRLS.
  6. now that is a whako statement. what is your religion?
  7. Atheist.

    Ever notice that wherever there are Muslims, there's sure to be Islamic violence?

    Ever notice the violent nature of those who convert to Islam?
    Jose Pedilla, Richard Reed, Taliban Johnny Walker, Idi Amin, Mike Tyson, Carlos The Jackal...
  8. You draw spurious, and bigoted conclusions.

  9. Pabst


    It's a weird enough religion to be born into. To willingly convert to Islam one must be truly insane. Mohammed Ali non withstanding.
  10. Your bigotry and religious intolerance is mind numbing.

    This country was founded on the basis of freedom from religious persecution, and you post that people who convert to a different religion than yours to be insane.

    I have zero doubt that if you could legally persecute people for practicing Islam, you would.

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