Jackie Mason on Muslims in the UK

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BernardRichards, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Jackie Mason's Monday vlog taped in London. The English people are so terrified of the Muslims in their country that they have completely rolled over and let them take control of the country.

    This thread ties in with The Apologists for Evil thread where Pat Condell from the UK is featured.
  2. hughb


    He needs to separate his serious ranting from his comedy routine. Not good at all.
  3. I disagree. A good debater can often score more points making fun of his opponent's position than by being deadly serious!
    Plus it is more entertaining to watch, and it will keep the audience awake if they only have a mild interest in the subject area.
  4. speres


    seems to be kicking off a bit over there at the moment with the muslims and and a few locals. Quite funny really, all the medias seem to be reporting that the anti islam marchers are fascist and they were attacked by, wait for it, anti fascists (muslims).
  5. Muslims will eventually dominate the world.

    1. They are already about 25% of world population.

    2. Some of them have no qualms about killing any and all non-muslims.

    3. They have the highest fecundity rate by far of any other group.
  6. Ricter


    If true that is very significant, as I tend to agree with "demography is destiny". In some ways, poor, crazed, fecund Muslims remind me of the old historical analogy of the lean, mean desert tribes raiding the fat, languid agricultural peoples.
  7. Fucking Jew rambling about London. Unbelievable. Get him & everyone like him out of there & ship 'em to Madagascar. That's the only solution, as far as I can see
  8. I found another Racist Antisemite to put on my ignore list. Yippee!

    Some things one must know about racists:

    What is the difference between a racist and a bag of shit? The bag
    What do you call 10,000 racists under the sea? A good start
    What do you call a racist with 2 brain cells? Pregnant
  9. Neo-Nazi Untermenschen like Walter4 at work:

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    Just curious, how many banks, media and other controlling businesses are owned by Muslims in UK to justify a claim that they took control over the country.

    #10     Sep 13, 2009