"Jackass" star killed in 130mph car accident.

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  1. Yeah, ummm.....maybe no comments are necessary here.

    But maybe they are.

    Lived the american dream-by being a cockhead, irresponsible fuckwit, and "Jackass", made serious dollars, and killed his passenger as well as himself in a twice the speed limit crash.
  2. Rest in pieces.
  3. Yea, it sucks being an American, we are all stupid, "cockheads". Fortunately for us the rest of the world is here to save us, or we would be long gone. I get up and thank God everyday that actors, athletes, musicians, etc from the rest of the world never die doing stupid things like the ones here in America.
    Dang if we could just follow the example set by the rest of you guys we would be so well off. We could start world wars, slaughter our own people with machettes by the 10's of thousands, gas them with mustard gas, and so much more.
    Thank god we have such fine examples from all you old countries, as we are only ~235 years old now. We are doing our best to follow lately, and we will soon be just like all of you if don't dig our heads out of our asses.

  4. He was a cockhead, and an asshole, who drove too damn fast.

    I was born in Iowa.
  5. Sorry, had a discussion yesterday with a guy from Germany along the same lines. I guess I was all ready tuned up and had too much coffee all ready today.
    Yes, he was stupid and he murdered another person. I have done many a stupid thing in my time too. Nothing justifies it, but I wish the whole world would stop and take a second to think before they act, me most definitely included. This thread as an example. Could be the teenage kid texting while going the speed limit who crosses the center line and takes out a family. Which happened here, and it is still murder.
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    I've heard of dick heads and coke heads but never a cockhead.
    Is a cockhead more like a dick head or a coke head?

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  9. "And though the news was rather sad. Well, I just had to laugh ... But I just had to look..."
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    Apparently he snorted a lot of rooster up his nose
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