Jack Winkleman seminar

Discussion in 'Trading' started by whodat, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. whodat


    Has anyone taken the Jack Winkleman seminar?
  2. I watch fishing with his brother Babe Winkeleman....he's one hell of a fisherman......what does Jack teach?
  3. hcour

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    No, I haven't seen the Jack Winkleman seminar. What is Jack Winkleman's seminar about?

    Ok, I admit it. I don't really care. I just like saying "Winkleman".


    PS - Winkleman.
  4. Tell us or we will winkle it out of you.

    Off to the toilet for a quick winkle
  5. whodat


  6. Oooh! He offers an "advanced astrological" seminar for $4,500+. Do you really need to know more? If so, then by all means spend your money -- I'm sure it will be gann in no time.
  7. Winkleman is taking the piss
  8. This is all a joke, right, LOL.